Binxy and Scrabble introduce themselves

while sitting upon their USNdaddy’s lap!

 Let us introduce ourselves!

 Me, Binxy, I’m a precious Silver Tabby with a red nose living in Las Vegas, Nevada with my brother, Scrabble, a Boston Terrier, with personality beyond belief.  He is black and white with a brindle markings.  We are the best animals ever…”spoiled” that is!  Scrabble with his child-like behavior and playful personality, while me, Binxy, with an antagonistic personality for Scrabble…like two childhood brothers should be along.

Daddy communicates through his telepathic and clairvoyant abilities by use of Binxy and Scrabble; being able to speak through his personal animal kingdom, meaning us and other animals.  Now, you are going to wonder how this is possible…well, let us tell you a “Tale of Tails” because “Sometimes it takes a Fairy to make a Fairy-Tale Come True”!

After my Daddy’s suicide last November 25th, 2012, where he came back from death; he became a gifted individual. By this we mean an “enlighten being”.  He has been learning to utilize his newly given gifts as a Clairvoyant, Seer and Visionary, Psychic, and Medium…just to name a few.

Our US Government has created a human being with Video and Audio Recording Devices in his head through an experimental Non-Lethal Bio-Weapon Program located out of Palm Springs, CA.  He also has the capabilities of moving a Global Positioning System just by thought.  Sounds unbelievable; but it’s a “True-to-Life” story.

And, that’s NO JOKE!

Scrabble and I, Binxy, in case you forgot already, talk with Daddy on a daily basis where he can communicate to and through various animals.

My other Daddy, USNdaddy’s ex-partner, shares us due to he lives in different location.


If you would like a consultation to speak with him regarding his abilities, please email us, Scrabble and/or Binxy, and he will be glad to get back with you an estimate for the consultation.

Coming up, we are also going to discuss one of his boyfriend’s, RedSagittarian!

Now that’s a photo of a “Picnic Basket” within itself!  LOL

And, ButchTopJon, who sexually took advantage of USNdaddy without consent.

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